Feats for Fe7 – Looking for Crit Crit Chance

In this Fe7, I am going to talk about the archetypes that the Fates will use to help in determining how each of you did during your Fate Week. The first thing to note is that each of you has their own archetype and you should use this to your advantage. For example, if you find that you have a low Crit rating for example, you may find it useful to use a Knight (You may also see the word knight in the game) as a Ninja, or even a Priest (my preferred Archetype).

Archetypes are really more about finding a synergistic piece of gear to fill out your set of gears. If your goal is to be a Priest and you have made the decision to fill out your Warrior gear with pieces of gear with Priest abilities, it may be better to take the items that are associated with your Warrior archetypes, and save the Priest gear for later. Of course there are certain items which can provide the Priest role in addition to your Warrior role.

Next up we need to consider how many fights you had this week. Well if you have been playing for a while and have taken longer to get to the higher levels, you will need to reduce the number of Feasts you had. So now, you can let a couple of Feasts go by if you want to, and you should begin to specialize in Feasts again. There are other things to consider, like what your future goals are and where you think you are going.

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Now as far as what you need to do now in terms of Gear in the past week, it is really all about minimizing the amount of time spent and maximizing the time you spend leveling. However, there are also other things to consider, and for this I would suggest that you come up with a list of Feasts that you will likely need to take.

After you have set out a few Feasts that you are sure you will have, but you still have Feasts to go through before you reach your next level, you can go back and start to lay out your gear. Make sure that you do not go with unneeded items, and that you put everything on that you have found down in a separate room. Make sure that you do not sell the rest of the items until you have the ones that you are going to need.

The middle part of the week will require you to make some adjustments. Now, you can either put all of your remaining Feasts in, or you can split them up into two parts. When you are dividing them up, make sure that you go with two characters so that you can turn around and sell them when you need to, and get the other one used.

Once you have done this, you will have a general goal for the whole week and it will be much easier to deal with. If you still have Feasts to go through, then this is where you will turn around and sell off the rest of the gear. When you have all of the Feasts for a particular week down, you will then focus on your main character and only use those Feasts that you need.